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Our Statement of Faith

What do we believe?

It has been the historic practice of believers throughout the centuries to record articles of faith or creeds as they search the Scriptures. These statements consist of overarching truths seen throughout Scripture, and serve as guides for us as we venture through life. The create a framework through which we process all that is.

All who are desiring to join in fellowship with First Baptist Church of Silvis are required to affirm the following Statement of Faith, which is an adaptation of the Revised New Hampshire Confession of Faith of 1853.

I. Of the Scriptures +

II. Of the True God +

III. Of the Holy Spirit +

IV. Of the Devil, or Satan +

V. Of Creation +

VI. The Fall of Man +

VII. Of the Virgin Birth +

VIII. Of the Atonement for Sin +

IX. Of Grace in the New Creation +

X. Of Justification +

XI. Of Repentance and Faith +

XII. Of the Local Church +

XIII. Of Baptism and the Lord's Supper +

XIV. The Security of the Saints +

XV. Of Spiritual Gifts +

XVI. Of the Righteous and the Wicked +

XVII. Of Civil Government +

XVIII. Of the Last Things +