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Pastor's Welcome


Welcome to the community of First Baptist Church. Our desire is to know Christ and make Him known for the joy of all peoples, to the glory of His great name. In order to know Him more deeply, we seek to place ourselves in the way of a variety of spiritual allurements such as reading and studying God’s revealed Word, singing and praying together, living in daily obedience to His good rule and way, participating in friendship where Christ is central, and leveraging the variety of gifts He’s given through creation to deepen our joy in Him.

In the words of the 18th century pastor and theologian, Jonathan Edwards, we understand this life to be no more than a journey toward heaven, and therefore seek to live in light of eternity. Our “way” of living is through faith in Christ Jesus, who has through His life, death, and resurrection, secured for those who are found in Him every grace necessary for both salvation and every obedience. We sincerely hope that you’ll consider our great Savior and Shepherd, and that you stop in to treasure Him with us.

Working with you for your joy in Him,
Ben Lovelady